Mudar Zahran: Jordan Is Palestinian

Mudar Zahran, Head of Jordan’s Shadow Government and Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposittion Coallition

?What is your opinion on the solution of two states for two peoples

We sure support that solution, but we are not sure the Palestinian Authoirty could become a state in the West Bank. Too much corruption and indoctornation to radicalisim, which ends up with our children in West Bank and Jordan dying while those who promote the intifada are safe in their offices. As far as we, Jordan’s opposition are concerned, we have 1.8 million Jordanian citizens in the west bank  and those we must take care of, they can stay where they are at, but we must open the doors to them to enjoy the welafre and housing and healthcare once the current regime falls

?What do you think could be used as a solution to the conflict

The peace process must be taken out of the UN for a starter. This could solve many issues as the UN has failed to fix the problem for 70 years by now. Also, a major part of the problem is Jordan’s Hashemite regime, the regime forgets that Jordan is in fact just the Eastern Part of the British Mandare for Palestine, the king forgets the Fisel Wiseman agreement by which the land was divided between arabs and Jews and by which every Arab is natural citizen of what is now our country, Jordan. The king also refuses to recognize his own citizenship law which dictates that every Palestinian is naturally born a Jordanian. How could our people live noramaly when they are denied even entry into their country, Jordan, which a part of the British mandate for Palestine. It is our promise and committment that once we are in power we will take care of all Jordaians on both sides of the river. We also are not and will not seek any rule over any area of the West Bank at all. We think the land has been divided once and better keep it at the original plan

?What do you think Israel should tell the world that presses establish an Arab state in Judea and Samaria

I cannot choose for Israel what it should do, but the reality is: Israel has no strategy, even small Arab regimes like that of the Hashemites they have a clear startegy survival and they know what they will do to remain and position themselves, while Israel lacks stratgey, yes, Israel has a very strong army and very advanced technology, but it does not know how to position itself into stability, this is a fact, one thing is certain, keeping the status quo and keeping the situation as is is simply like two patients who have cancer and choose to keep it as is, this situation will kill us both, and please understand, I as a politican and a leader think of Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli kids as our kids, losing one of them is a loss to all of us, and my duty as a leader is to end this lunacy. If you ask us as Jordan’s Shadow government, we doubt the Palestinian authoirty could become a state and in fact we dont even think it would be good for our Palestinian brothers and sisters….time to consider alternative options

Is there a chance to make the Arabs of Judea and Samaria to give up the idea of a Palestinian state in the region to recognize the identity of Jordan

That is for them to decide,but as Jordan’s shadow government, we know we havw 1.8 million Jordanian citizens in the West Bank and we are responsible for their welfare and safety, they all hold Jordanian passports and we must be there for them, now, Jordan’s Hashemite regime bans them even from entering their country Jordan and creates restrictions against them if they want to stay even for a month to see their relatives, further, Jordan’s regime has stripped thousands of them from their passports and HUMAN Rights Watch reported it,kicking them out in the name of liberating palestine, of course the regime would be nothing without the Majorityof Jordanians who are of Palestinian originas, bur the regime wants to turn them onto statelessness in order to use them and abuse them as taxpayers only, this by itself a crime punishable by the International Criminal Court

Known that the Palestinian Abdullah’s son, Do you think that in the near future will likely declare a Palestinian state inside Jordan?

Abduallah himself is not fit to be king and could barely keep control of the country, and I believe he will never pass the throne to his son, let me quite what Israeli mbssador Dany Dayan said top Mossad leaders have told him: “Jordan’s king is its last and he will never pass the throne to his son”, we have heard some silly ideas that Jordan’s king’s son could bring about a Palestinian state in Jordan because he is half Palestinian,this is a joke, about time you realize the Hashemite are yestreday’s news

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